SDLC Evolutionary Model

SDLC evolutionary model also known as incremental model. We will discuss today about why this model is known as incremental model and what is the importance of this model. Certain facts that needs to be taken into consideration while discussing about it. In this development model the requirement is broken down into different functional units

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Security in Android Oreo

Android always supports Verified Boot, which is designed to prevent devices from booting up with software that has been tampered with. AVB(Android Verified Boot) has a couple of good features to make updates easily and more securely, such as a common footer format and rollback protection. Rollback protection is also there. It is designed to

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Top Trends that will change your future soon

Before we begin with technical details, let us give a brief idea about IOT. It is usually considered as computers or machines which can communicate among them without human intervention or a set of machines which does not require a master to obey. Some facts about these trends will amaze you as you will find

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Evolution of Cloud to Fog Computing

The way to store and access personal as well as business information has taken a massive revolution. Carrying the data on a physical device is now an outdated fashion and with the rapid growth of the network, users can virtually connect with any data that they have access for, anywhere in the world. Lets get

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