Design Service

Every business look forward to a growth in terms of branding and revenue. We help our clients acheive the brand value by using our design service. What are you waiting for? Our team of designers will help you acheive that.

We offer our clients the best possible solution to make their dream come true.



Logo Design
Cap Design
T-shirt Design
Brochure Design
Business Card Design
Leaflet Design
Logo Design

Want to explain your business more by display less? Recognize your business by creating a custom made logo. Your business branding is just a logo design away.


Key features of our logo designing service:


We create a logo from scratch. We begin with pen and paper to create the concept. Convert the concept digitally to a vector logo.

High Resolution logo to fit any of your business advertisement media.

Provide 4 design concepts to choose from.

Provide multiple logo formats like .png, .jpeg and more.

We provide the source file of logo so that you can make change by yourself at any point of time.

We create 3D as well as 2D logo concepts.

We provide unlimited revisions until we achieve your satisfaction in this regard.


Do you think these features of logo costs a lot? Absolutely not! We assure a cost effective solution to your brand recognition need.

Cap Design

Who doesnt likes to have an attractive headgear that adds a spark to your business with some abstract and out of the box designs? Delostyle Studio is here to provide you with authentic designing solutions.


Our cap designing service revolve around:


We do a proper research and analysis of your requirement before laying out the design.

We will help to convert your imagination to visualization digitally.

Using fine graphic tools helps us to provide a pixel perfect output.

We will provide our design formats as per your requirement.

Your feedback regarding the job helps us to provide a perfect solution.

Delivering quality design is our speciality and core concern.

T-shirt Design

The easiest way to populate your brand is by standing out of the crowd. Displaying your logo in a t-shirt is the easiest way to advertise your brand. Our team of designers help to promote your brand by designing a perfect impression on wearable. 


Do you want to know how?


Lets keep an eye on the features mentioned below:


Picking up the right color is a big challenge. We will guide you in finding out the best color combination.

Design pattern is different for collared and non collared t-shirts.

Design output may vary depending on the type of t-shirt that you are using. We will create the designs keeping in mind the quality of t-shirt material.

Laying out design concepts on t-shirts is possible due to the graphical tools that we use. So we always use the premium quality tools to deliver the ultimate face to your brand.



Are you still confused? Feel free to connect to us.

Brochure Design

Every business is product or service centric. There is no exception to it. Every business wants to advertise their core mode of generating revenues. Brochure helps to let people know about their products and services. So designing a brochure increases the chance of generating revenue by making people aware of the product and services. Have you already created a perfect match? If not, let us show you the best way to achieve it.


Let's make a journey to our brochure world:


We will create a perfect design to display your products and services.

Creating a client winning cover page helps to give a new direction to your business. Our experts will help you achieve that.

Designing a brochure without the knowledge of product and clientele may not be fruitful. So our experts do a ground work before creating any concept so that ROI can be achieved.

Displaying the business punch line can be valuable to the business. We will help you with the exact placeholder so that the business text can achieve ultimate exposure.

Business Card Design

Business card is your own representation as part of business.Professional design of the business card is essential. Every business needs a good amount of audience to flourish in the market. Business cards are the best possible way to promote a business just like a reference to word of mouth. The wait for a perfect solution to this is now over. Delostyle studio offers professional Design Services that will bring your business card design to a peak.



How we reach that level of perfection?


Knowing every information correctly is the path for a successful completion. Gathering information and analyzing the same helps us to create a perfect business card.

Our designers will help you with some finest design that can make a lasting impression.

Our designers dig deep into the concept to present you with an updated design concept.

We do not design a business card blindly. We work with your concept to create a perfect solution to your business.


Your search for the solution is over. Get in touch with us.

Leaflet Design

Advertising business products or services are essential for growth in business. Leaflet is an excellent solution for mass advertisement. Leaflet helps to get maximum exposure at an affordable rate. Distribution in the market through direct mails, magazine inserts, door drops or an handouts at an exhibition are quite easy as compared to other media. Utilize this economical approach to reach maximum number of audience. We will help you out with the finest design to attract maximum audience to your business.


Lets keep an eye on the features mentioned below:


Our first priority is to know our customers and their respective business so that a perfect outcome can be achieved.

Analyze the business and get the best wireframe accordingly.

Place in colours matching your business face and insert the highlighted products or services.

Our change procedure helps you in achieving the eye catchy leaflet design.


You can always ask for additional guidance from us and we will be happy to assist you in this regard.